Nicklas Bendtner Explores Idea Of Creating MLS Transfer Rumor

Wolfsburg, DE - International superstar and Major League Soccer rumor acquisition bait Nicklas Bendtner has reportedly started exploring the idea of creating an MLS Transfer Rumor as his recent contract with Wolfsburg has been terminated.

Coming to the LA Galaxy! MAYBE!  Photo: Oliver Hardt : Getty 

Coming to the LA Galaxy! MAYBE!

Photo: Oliver Hardt : Getty 

"I need money and I need fame," stated Bendtner to TNN international correspondent Gustaf Reinholt on Wednesday. "I feel like I could find both by leveraging the MLS as a place to run rumors while utilizing those rumors to get another team in Italy to take a chance on me."

Reportedly Bendtner called his agent Ivan Marko in order to strategize a way to utilize the North American league in order to get more money and interest from teams like Chievo Verona or Bologna.

"We can leverage some interest in my name as it is internationally famous," stated Bendtner. "Let's just use the US Press machine to make it seem like I'm in demand and then we can get a better paycheck from Italy."

The Nutmeg News spoke to commissioner Don Garber about the Bendtner To MLS rumor and he had the following to say, "Major League Soccer is beyond excited to work with a player of Lord Bendtner's capabilities. We are already changing the league structure by virtue of instituting new player acquisition rules in order to allow the acquisition of Niklas by whichever teams he deems worthy of his services."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as rumors of Bendtner to MLS swirl and the die off.