Anarchist Plans Upheaval Of Class Systems By Pooping On Supporters Bus

Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay Rowdies fan and budding anarchist Robert Graves has admitted that he is planning an elaborate upheaval of the class system in the United States by pooping on the next available chartered bus for away supporters as it leaves.

"One of you will betray us...One of you will poop on the bus.... IS IT YOU, STEVE?"

"One of you will betray us...One of you will poop on the bus.... IS IT YOU, STEVE?"

"We must subvert the norms and destabilize the current class paradigm perpetuated by the moneyed elite and those that wish to subject the working class to their rules," exclaimed Mr Graves to his friend Nathan West.

"The way in which we show the bourgeois, capitalist elite our will and reinforce the struggle against the elite 1% in this country is by breaking all rules. The way in which we do this is locally and not just some grand scale plan that can't be implemented on a regional level. Thus, I plan on pooping on the chartered supporters bus at it leaves the parking lot subjecting all of us to the rank smell which will render the 50 of us all at the same basic class level of abject misery and olfactory torture. Anarchism and class struggle through football! POOP THE BUS!"

While Mr. Graves plans on enjoying the free and loose class structure that his stink filled bus adventure may bring, others are reportedly not looking forward to it as his girlfriend Amanda states, "He has been eating nothing but cheese, curry and chili with extra beans. This is going to be awful. I might actually stay home if he pulls this off. I support the struggle, but I have my limits."

The Nutmeg News will have more on Mr. Graves struggle to destabilize the ruling order of the global elite by pooping the bus.