Man Rooting For College He Didn't Attend Has Problem With Eurosnobs

Nashville, TN - Notre Dame fan and Nashville FC fan Stewart Davis admitted that he just has a problem with eurosnobs not rooting for their local soccer team as he ranted about the issue online.



"I pull for my local team in everything except for my love Notre Dame, which I didn't attend and just randomly picked because they were big a deal when I was a kid," stated Davis To The Nutmeg News.

"I just don't understand how these eurosnobs can feel any attachment to their team. It's not like my connection with Nashville FC, which is my local club through and though. It isn't even like my connection with the Fighting Irish. I try to attend a game every three or four years in South Bend, but these eurosnobs, they are just another cog in a giant consumer wheel."

Reportedly, Davis proudly states that he attended Nashville State Community College and that his commitment to everything local extends to nearly everything in his life except for his unadulterated love of Notre Dame.

"Look, it's just college football. Everyone does this. You know how many people that haven't stepped on to the campus at Tuscaloosa that still root for Alabama? Probably most of the national fanbase. Still though, that can't compare to someone picking Barcelona. I'm pretty certain that is worse, somehow. I don't know... probably because it is in Spain. It's still evil in soccer, absolutely evil and it's definitely not evil in College Football."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Davis plans out a trip to see Notre Dame play live that will cost more than his friends trip to see a Swansea game in Wales.