Man Pretty Certain His Two Bedsheets Are Going To Change The US Soccer Federation

CHICAGO - Anonymous T.I.F.O prankster "Gunil Sulati" released a statement to The Nutmeg News explaining the reason why he hung banners at the Chicago headquarters of the US Soccer Federation.


"The two bedsheet banners I cobbled together in my kitchen are going to change the US Soccer Federation forever," stated Sulati. "I knew all that was missing was direct action at their headquarters as the other banners, two-sticks, T.I.F.O, and plane towed banners somehow missed the mark of convincing a federation to convince a league of billionaires they should do something to appease a vocal minority partially spearheaded by a man who used the recent plane crash and death of 71 people to make a point about promotion and relegation in the United States."

Sulati (a pseudonym) stated that while he acknowledges the baggage that the movement now has, that he knew that all it would take is a banner at the Chicago headquarters to really drive the point home. 

"We are only a few more bedsheets, banners and twitter hashtags away from promotion and relegation being a reality! Let's get to work!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Sulati gets in trouble from his roommates for using the good linen from the spare bedroom.