Christmas Wish For NWSL Fan Is A Functioning League

Boston, MA - Despite everything she has been through with the Breakers recently, Boston Breakers and NWSL fan Britney Ilderson admitted that her simple Christmas wish was a "functioning league".

'Member when?  Yeah, I 'member.

'Member when?

Yeah, I 'member.

"After the recent situation with the NASL and all the movement of teams in men's soccer recently, I realized that the only thing I want is for the NWSL to stay in existence another year and then the next year after that," stated Ilderson to The Nutmeg News on Tuesday morning. 

"I'm invested in my team, I've been through four leagues already with them. I'd really like to not see a fifth league. So, Santa.... Krampus... whoever.. for the love of all that is holy and good, please just let the NWSL last so I don't have to go through another off-season worrying about the solvency of a league."

Ilderson has already renewed her season tickets despite an awful 2016 season and is hopeful that her support will see the fledgling league through the dark times of amateur players and low wages.

"We just need to keep surviving, growing and building this thing. I just can't learn another acronym."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ilderson clings to any tiny tidbits of expansion news and further league growth information with the intensity of grim death.