Philip Anschutz Announces That Proceeds From LA Galaxy Pre-Season Tour Will Pay For California/Mexico Border Wall

LOS ANGELES - LA Galaxy owner Philip Anschutz today announced that he will be utilizing all the proceeds from the LA Galaxy's 2017 pre-season tour to finish construction of the 140 mile wall between California and Mexico as he stated, "Finally we are going to stop them illegals from taking our jobs."

The Philip Anschutz trophy.

The Philip Anschutz trophy.

Anschutz, who is a controversial figure for heavily donating to groups that are anti-LGBTQ, stated that he would keep the promise of a new America by it's new President by ensuring that the wall between Mexico and California would be finished on time and with money from the LA Galaxy's pre-season tour.

"We must ensure that we stop the scourge of Illegal's taking our jobs," stated a representative of the Anschutz Entertainment Group after a request was submitted regarding their views on the matter. "Philip Anschutz is as American as apple pie and he, just like you, hates Mexicans sneaking over our borders. We will do everything we can to help President Trump stop the flow of drug addicts and rapists over our borders."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Anschutz donates another million dollars to groups that advocate for electro-shock gay conversion therapy.