Man Still Trying To Convince Everyone That Supporter Group Politics Are More Important Than Actual Political Problems

Portland, OR - Timbers Army member Jeremiah D'Angelo is, reportedly, still trying to convince everyone that supporter group politics are more important than actual political problems as he advocated for protesters in Portland to, "stop protesting global events and start protesting local events."

"Whether or not I have a new limited edition scarf is important stuff."

"Whether or not I have a new limited edition scarf is important stuff."

"If we put the same effort against the front office of the Timbers, the board of the 107ist, and our fellow fans as we do against President-Elect Trump we would be able to resolve a lot of the residual issues that we all have with our game day experience," stated D'Angelo to The Nutmeg News on Monday morning.

"I just don't understand why people out there think it is more important to oppose the idea of internment camps, a registry for people of a certain faith, and white supremacy in the White House when the Timbers Army don't have terraces, don't have cheap beer and don't have more scarf options for me to purchase."

D'Angelo was additionally very upset that more fans weren't active politically during the election season for the 107ist, the financial arm of the Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters, stating, "I don't care if we just went through three years of the most divisive election that any of us can remember, we need to have more supporters group political advertisements, debates, statements of intent and political banter. So what if people the country over are hurting from the potential impact of a Trump/Pence presidency because that's nothing compared to electing someone who will decide whether I have a discount at the Nike store next season, or not."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as D'Angelo goes on a multi-part Twitter rant about staying woke on local soccer issues.