National Nightmare Of Unending Klinsmann Talk On Twitter Timelines Is Over

The national nightmare of unending Klinsmann talk on Twitter timelines is over as the head coach of the United States Men's team was fired on Monday.

It's a CELEBRATION, for some.

It's a CELEBRATION, for some.

"Thank god my twitter timeline can now return to normal," stated US and LA Galaxy fan Harold Everly. "It was 24 hours a day of writers and fans calling for his head. I don't even know if anything actually happened elsewhere because it's been nothing but KlinsmannOUT for the last week."

Reportedly, even people in Canada were thrilled as soccer fans with international ties in their account can now have their timeline returned to normal working order.

"I unfollowed accounts because of this shit," stated FC Edmonton fan Karl Edwards. "I'm just glad it's over and maybe now I can re-follow Grant Wahl and MLS Analyst. You know, on second thought... I'm just going to let it be."

As well, players left out in the cold from the Klinsmann regime celebrated in restrained fashion as former USMNT call-ups posted emoticons and gifs that could represent their current feelings without actually leading to them being dropped from the team in the future.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as it develops.