MLS Cup Final To Be Played The Second Week Of 2017 Season

NEW YORK - In light of the delayed MLS Playoff schedule due to international breaks, and the potential for the Montreal - Toronto game to be delayed by snow, Major League Soccer today announced that the MLS Cup final will be played the second week of the 2017 season.

No Horses No Party.  Montreal Impact fans make their way to the game down Notre Dame Street, 

No Horses No Party.

Montreal Impact fans make their way to the game down Notre Dame Street, 

"We are excited to have the MLS Cup game be on a Wednesday before our normal MLS Weekend so that we could have an additional rematch game the next weekend between whichever two teams make the final," stated Don Garber, commissioner of Major League Soccer. "We are calling it Rivalry Rematch Weekend and we are hoping that the idea of watching the MLS Cup winner be crowned and then play an inconsequential game three days later will be a great draw."

Insider sources with the league state that with the MLS Cup schedule getting extended, the league was very concerned about keeping momentum going during the playoffs and running the Cup Final mid week of the 2017 season will allow the league to not only promote the other games surrounding it, but as well let them have more eyes on the cup final.

"We are playing MLS Cup Final on a Wednesday at 5:30 EST, so you can bet that we will have the best demographics and eyes on the sterling prize in our sport," stated Mark Abbot, president of Major League Soccer. "I can't wait for everyone to see whichever two teams make it to the final fight for the right to play against each other the next weekend in a sponsored rivalry game. It worked really well for Columbus and Portland last season, so lets do it again!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the league decides to have the weekend league game played in the cup losers stadium.