Landon Donovan Congratulates Self For Dragging Team Into Playoffs

LOS ANGELES - Prior to the Los Angeles Galaxy's first playoff game, international superstar Landon Donovan congratulated himself for dragging the Galaxy into the playoffs with his return.

In a 30 minute special that will air on, Donovan sits down with himself to discuss himself and the lift that he provided to the Galaxy.

"Six games, Lando, six games," stated Donovan into a carefully positioned mirror that reflected his own visage back at himself. "That's all the team needed from your passion and effort to finally break the camel's back and make it into the playoffs. Those other guys didn't know they needed to be rescued, but they did. And now we are on our way to the cup again."

Reportedly, Donovan didn't originally think of doing a one man special talking to himself about himself into a mirror until a friend suggested that he should think about it.

"And then I realized that ... yes... I SHOULD tell the story of myself, to myself, about myself, for other to see so that they can understand how I brought the Galaxy back to relevance."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Donovan dedicates the Galaxy playoff game to himself with the hashtag #WinForLando