Argument About Legacy of Blur And Oasis Splits Whitecaps Casuals Firm

VANCOUVER - An argument over the legacy of the band Blur and the band Oasis split the Maple Leaf Lads Casuals firm prior to the Whitecaps game against the Portland Timbers on Sunday.

"BLUR WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL ROCK BAND IN MUSIC HISTORY," a Lonsdale of London wearing Kevin McKenzie shouted at his Stone Island sporting friend Roger Samuelson on the concourse of BC Place. "Oasis can't even lick the taint of Damon Albarn, what in the hell are you talking about?"

Reportedly, the beef started prior to the game when Samuelson continued needling a irritated McKenzie while they walked to the stadium about the impact of Oasis on the music  scene of the 1990's and the arc of human history.

"You know as well as I do that Noel Gallagher has more musical talent in his body than we ever have seen out of Graham Coxon," stated Samuelson while he attempted to stifle a smile and kicked his official Adidas gazelles. "Plus, do you honestly think Dave Rowntree can hold Tony McCarroll's jock? GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT SHIT. Also, you liked Shaun Pejic and he was SHIT."

Fans in the area also report that Samuelson  also has serious opinions on Kendall Waston, but that the duo continued to argue about mid 90's British bands until their friends had to separate them as Samuelson yelled, "THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE QUEEN WAS A BIG PILE OF SHIT."

Reporters for The Nutmeg News can confirm that Samuelson and McKenzie were seen hugging and screaming together after the fourth goal went in against the Portland Timbers thus ruining their epic fight.