OPINION: Passionate Fan On Twitter Looking To Chat About My Team Unless We Disagree

The Nutmeg News prints opinion pieces from local contributors, at select times. Today's opinion piece comes from @EchoChamber_SoccerChat of Twitter. The viewpoints and opinions of @EchoChamber_SoccerChat do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints and opinions of The Nutmeg News.

I work in an office, I have a pretty important job, and people like to talk sports from time to time. However, when I start to talk about "registas and their deployment in the modern game versus a pressure defense that collapses around zone 14 and how this impacted last week’s game" with co-workers their eyes glaze over and I can tell immediately they have no idea what it means to be a true soccer fan.

So I decided to seek out my conversations on Twitter where I can find people who are more up to par with my level of expertise and are willing to discuss these high-level matters. That is, as long as they don’t disagree with me, then I will dismiss them outright.

In order to generate conversations I first start by retweeting anything and everything I find. If I do this enough it gives the impression that I am completely plugged into my team and am actually generating some kind of original content. In reality I’m just looking for someone to reply to a story so I can weigh their opinions against my own and then dismantle their argument and Twitter-block them if they have no idea what they are talking about.

For instance during the July transfer window our club acquired a younger player with great potential and I was furious that we didn’t get a high-level player like Balotelli or Zlatan. I re-tweeted the story and said that I was disappointed in how our small market team was acting like a small market team. Someone actually had the nerve to reply to me and say that our club can’t afford more than this because we ARE a small market team and that our ownership is probably doing the best with what they have.

It was unbelievable. I immediately Twitter-muted him and wrote about how fans like him were the problem with all that is going wrong because as long as we have this vision of us being small market we will always remain small market.  This is not how things are run in Barcelona, Manchester City, or even Los Angeles. It’s ridiculous.  Some of my followers agreed with my argument so we sent some funny memes back and forth for a while. 

When it comes to soccer discussion people need to realize that you’re either brilliant, or you’re shit. If you want to be brilliant follow me on Twitter and we can talk soccer and agree with everything I say. Follow me at:  @EchoChamber_SoccerChat