Anecdotal Stories Indicate There Were Actually 2000 Away Timbers Fans At US Open Cup Game

Portland, OR - Anecdotal stories, this morning, from the US Open Cup game against the Seattle Sounders indicate that there were actually 2000 Timbers Army in attendance instead of the roughly 100 shown on video.

"Nearly every single person I have talked to was apparently there" said TA member Joe Williams. "I've had three separate conversations with people who were talking about what happened on the field last night that I know weren't there."

The Nutmeg News was able to have a video conference this morning with five still drunk fans who all claimed they were there despite not having any evidence from the game last night. "I was either there, or I felt like I was there, or I just had my personal mixologist mix me 5 lemongrass infused martinis. I can't really remember" said Steven Thomasson.

"It was amazing, you should have been there" said Carla Stevens "I mean I was there, absolutely 100%. It was amazing. I'm the blurry shape in the back corner who looks like they are under a parka on the video stream."

The Nutmeg News has been informed that the autonomous collective "Timbers Army Anarchist Front" have announced they have created an order of 1000 scarves with one side saying "I was there" and the other side saying "and you weren't". 

The Nutmeg News will have more on this situation as it continues.