Sepp Wars 2: The Blatter Strikes Back

Zurich, CH - Insider sources have confirmed to The Nutmeg News that Sepp Blatter is putting together a campaign to run for FIFA president again after his absence has confirmed to the world that it loves him and needs him.

"He really understands now the weight of responsibility and knows that he can be better at concealing bribes. No one can fill his void as it gapes and yearns for his return." said our source, Jack Warner. 

Sepp Blatter's campaign for FIFA president will be based around the idea "Let The Good Times Roll" a phrase that he took to heart while attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisana in the United States. Blatter took this month long sabbatical to think about all the bribes that he would miss in the future and all the money that would now be appropriately distributed around the world. Reportedly, Blatter got the idea for this new campaign slogan while getting a tequila slammer served to him by a nude, greased up coed in the French Quarter. While mumbling, "more tequila", turning up Van Morrisons Brown Eyed Girl, and then paying a 20 year old to twerk to the UEFA Champions League Theme he realized that he still had work to do with FIFA.

"I like money." said Blatter to a group of friends. "I like it a lot, especially oil money. I'd like to have more money. My absence has proved one thing. FIFA needs me. The world needs me. Qatar needs me. There is so much need, so little Blatter. "

Insiders say that Blatters viewpoint of "More money for everyone, less oversight and morals" appeals to many countries where the GDP is kept artificially high by FIFA kickbacks. "We love Senegal and Senegal loves FIFA" said one source.

TNN spoke on the condition of anonymity to one FIFA delegate who had the following to say, "Would you rather elect the guy who wants to continue funneling money into shell accounts and old timey briefcases, or the guy who wants to stop everyone from having fun? Let the good times roll, Sepp!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on Blatter's triumphant return as it happens.