Kaka, 2007 FIFA World Player Of The Year And UEFA Champions League Winner, Being Good Shocks Area Man

Orlando, FL - Soccer fan Billy Westwood is still surprised that Serie A champion, UEFA Champions League Winner, La Liga Champion, 2002 FIFA World Cup Champion, and 2007 World Player Of The Year, Kaka, is good in Major League Soccer.

"Well, you never know from these foreign fellers." said Westwood "They aren't all they are hyped up to be. I mean, has this guy ever played in Colorado at altitude during the freezing rain? I don't think so."

Westwood was convinced that Kaka was going to be a bust based on his own inability to remember which team Kaka was playing with before he came to Major League Soccer. "I don't get the Italian league, and it isn't good. Or at least that's what everyone was telling me. I mean, if he was playing in the premier league for Manchester City I'd have a better handle on whether the guy is good or not."

Despite all of Westwood's anecdotal evidence of Kaka's decline, he has been pleasantly surprised that a player of his caliber is actually good.

"Well, let it never be said that I won't admit when I'm wrong, but you can't trust these foreign guys. They are just in it for the paycheck."