Bill Peterson And The NASL Pulls Miami's Number

Miami, FL - Bill Peterson and the North American Soccer League (NASL) pulled a "Skylah's Number" on Wednesday as they pulled Miami's number first after Don Garber and David Beckham tried and failed.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Comissioner Peterson outside the Broken Shaker about the move to put a team back in Miami. "We felt it was high time that someone put another club back in Miami after so many different teams had already failed. Plus, it really pissed me off that Beckham and Garber tried to step to my bro Riccardo Silva about Garber's views on American history when Don tried to impress Miami by telling it about Alan Gordon's view of South Beach society in a Keynesian economy. He was just regurgitating what he learned in the NFL, man. So I stepped to him, put him in his place, organized an ownership group with Paolo Maldini and got Miami FC back in the limelight."

Rumors swirled around Miami that Peterson found Garber eating at the 11th street diner and now infamously pulled the "Skylah's number" by slamming Maldini's check for the NASL franchise against the window while screaming DO YOU LIKE APPLES.



Sources indicate that Garber did indeed "not like them apples" and appeared to be both chastened and incensed. Rumors are that he punched Beckham in the solar plexes and said, "What the hell, bro?!"

The Nutmeg News will continue to cover THE BATTLE FOR MIAMI as it continues or until the franchise is relocated to Ft Lauderdale.