"I'm Just Too Lazy To Use Youtube", Says Soccer Fan Interested In The US Open Cup

Columbus, OH - Soccer fan Philip Brant wanted to watch all the recent US Open Cup games but just couldn't be bothered to find them.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Mr Brant about his situation. "Look, I'm a busy man, I'm a man who likes things at my finger tips, and despite having Apple TV and the ability to literally just queue up a wealth of games on YouTube, that would mean that I would have to find the schedule, pay attention to which game I want to watch, find the TV remote, change the input, and then click on the app. In this day and age that is just absolutely ridiculous. I need immediacy. I need the games on the channel I'm watching right now, whether that be TNT, TBS, or CBS. The US Open Cup should come to me so that I can enjoy it. After all, if it isn't on broadcast television, like 2 Broke Girls, it isn't a big deal. And we can all say that the television drama 2 Broke Girls was a big deal. So my point is made. Get it to me, where I am, in order for me to watch."

It was pointed out to Mr Brant that he would need to change the channel in order to watch nearly any sporting event. 

"Well, screw that... I'm just too lazy to use YouTube. I will make an effort for the NFL, but if soccer wants my eyeballs they must cater to my desires. I'm not about to watch the two teams that I don't know anything about on a YouTube stream broadcast from a hand held JVC camcorder at a field in Midland Odessa commentated by a 15 year old pipsqueak. I need the game on a channel over the air with pompous ex players who ramble on about the times that they played to sold out crowds ages before the current crop of players  (who are always just gigantic softies) started playing, to validate the game to me. If it isn't poorly commentated, over-inflated, over-commercialized, over-statted and expertly shot on FOX then it can piss off."