11 Years Later, Crew Fan Still Mad About Cory Gibbs

Columbus, OH - 11 years after the fact, Columbus Crew fan Andrew Dowser is still mad and confused about the way that the Columbus Crew lost out on Cory Gibbs.

Trigger Warning!

Trigger Warning!

"It still doesn't make any sense to me, although not many things that happened around that time really do. Gibbs? Tony Sanneh? Tony Sanneh missing that freaking penalty kick? Ross Paule missing that penalty kick? Allocation? Super Allocation? I still don't even know what really happened even 11 years later. Someone told me 36 different variations of Dallas having 400k of allocation money and LA passing on using their slots and it all just still kinda pisses me off. When kids tell me about Clint Dempsey and the variable rules of Major League Soccer today, I roll my eyes and tell them about the time when we didn't have any coverage at all and Crew fans just had to deal. We spent nearly every waking moment waxing rhapsodic about journeyman players that played in Europe who might want to play for $75,000."

While the time hasn't healed all wounds, Mr Dowser expressed his one regret, "I regret that I didn't have a chance to post more inflammatory comments about the Gibbs situation on big soccer. I mean back in those days you could really let lose and my goodness was there a bunch of topics beaten to death on Gibbs, McBride and even Danny Szetela. Speaking of which, I hear that Danny is running a Sbarro in New Jersey somewhere."

When informed that Szetela is actually now playing for the New York Cosmos, Dowser had the following to say, "Well I guess he finally made it to New York after all."