Petty Man With Twitter Account Tells Everyone How It Is

Raleigh, NC - Part time soccer blogger and full time human resources assistant David Ramsey has some very specific opinions about life, the collective bargaining agreement and the fans of North American soccer.

"I'm right about so many things, and it angers me that more people don't know that", said Ramsey in an exclusive interview.

"It irritates me to no end when people get up in arms about things that I don't mind. For example, ownership is right most of the time, the coverage of the sport in the US is great, and the players in the collective bargaining agreement don't know how good they have it. Why, anyone anywhere can live on $37,00 per year. Not only that, but I know people who make far less money digging ditches and cleaning puke out of hedges. Shouldn't we think of all the atrocities in the world first before we think of soccer? I tend to think war, famine, poverty and global peace is more important than soccer. Players should be thinking of the hundreds of thousands of people dead of cholera in the 1800's and settle the Collective Bargaining Agreement. I deserve to see games, I deserve to be in the stadium, I don't care what the players get paid or what restrictions they have placed upon them. This is about my enjoyment, after all, and I deserve it"

Mr. Ramsey's twitter account, by his own admission, is used to inform people that are wrong how wrong they actually are.

"Groups of fans who get outraged about the things they are passionately interested in are the worst thing in North American soccer. It is important for me to be ahead of the curve and if someone is outraged about something I am against their outrage instantaneously. There is no room for sheeple in this game. I have to be against what they are against from the beginning. The only thing worse than fans who get outraged are fans who get outraged about fans that are outraged about things. If it happens that fans are outraged about other fans being outraged, I then ensure that I spend most of the day on twitter making snarky, pithy and dispassionate comments about the fans that are outraged and the fans who are outraged at their outrage."

TNN can confirm that friends of Mr Ramsey think he is a complete asshole, but they have been hanging out with him too long to just leave.