ESPN Takes Stand Against Players Union

Bristol, CT - North American Sports television station ESPN took a stand against the Major League Soccer (MLS) Players in solidarity with the MLS Owners on Tuesday issuing the following statement.

"While we like soccer money and soccer eyeballs (within reason this is America after all) we also like the owners and the billions of dollars they put into football, basketball and baseball even more. Let's be clear, 85% of our staff doesn't even care that North American Soccer exists outside of the US Men's National Team and the staff that does care like to either ritualistically trash the league against the perspective of American sports jingoism, frame a debate against the established European leagues, or is confined to a 30 minute show so that we can say we pander to the soccer crowd.

From this perspective we stand with the owners and we hope that they screw the players out of every possible  option that they could receive. Also, we will report very rarely on this Collective Bargaining Agreement confining it to small portions of our soccer specific show and minor blurbs of information about it here and there. Look, we have basketball drama and players thinking about Major League Baseball spring training on which to report."

In solidarity with ESPN, has decided to not report anything at all, ever.