Area Man Decides, "I Like The Idea Behind Decision Day, I Just Hate The Name"

NEW YORK - Williamsburg man Grant Stevenson admitted that he has changed his mind about decision day after the events of Sunday and stated, "I like the idea behind decision day, I just hate the name"

Like what's the decision, man, are they committing to Ohio State?

Like what's the decision, man, are they committing to Ohio State?

The Nutmeg News caught up with Mr Stevenson after he left Rough Trade NYC after trying to find a vintage copy of Ronnie James Dio's Sacred Heart album.

"Like I was watching and I enjoyed, but I still don't get why the name is decision day. Like, does it NEED a name? I mean everything is so forced and branded these days, they could just leave it up to the gods, or something. Eventually someone would come up with a better idea than a name that makes it sound like these teams are trying to play NCAA basketball."

Mr Stevenson reportedly had no issues with the results of decision day but admitted "Yeah, I gave it a lot of stick to my friends about how stupid the whole thing was, but it was fun. I just wish that the whole name thing didn't sound like it was created by a table of people who pitched ideas for an hour and a half and then had 145 email conversations about what the name should be before releasing a brand pitch and an all points memo telling all the teams and all the social media people in the league even teams that weren't going to the playoffs that they need to tag everything with the name decision day. But that's just me, I'm an old timey, come up with your name after trying the philosophy out for a couple years kinda person."

When asked what team he rooted for, Mr Stevenson said, "Chivas USA, but don't hold that against me."