Letter To The Editor: Regarding Your Vicious Attack On The All Star Game

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Dear Sirs,

I take strong offense at the piece written by your 'news' organization entitled "Major League Soccer Continues Annual All Star Game Charade" as it is clearly not written by sports writers and is merely included for a cheap laugh.  To call a major event like the MLS All-Star Game a ‘charade’ when it is an event enjoyed by millions is frankly ignorant and insulting. 

Arsenal is an amazing up-and-coming team that is taking the Barclay’s Soccer Premiere League by force. Having Arsenal players go head to head against world class MLS players like Pirlo and Gerrard gives them a chance to gain international notoriety. While Arsenal may not be a top tier team like Manchester, Chelsea, or Leicester, it does give them a chance to show their worth on the world stage.  Imagine the elation the Arsenal players would have felt playing against MLS legends like Landon Donovan or Thierry Henry. 

To strip these up and coming players of that experience is downright criminal.  And who knows, perhaps in 8 or 9 years when they finally mature as players they too will be able to ascend to the ranks of the MLS and play along-side their soccer idols for superclubs like the LA Galaxy, New York City FC or New York Red Bull.  Mocking the All Star Game is mocking this once in a lifetime opportunity for these European players from a disadvantaged league to get experience in a real competition against real players.

It seems to me that you would rather feed your own hipster egos by sitting back and picking apart an event that others enjoy then actually stopping and taking a look at the enjoyment and experience that can be obtained from an event such as this. There are many of us who regularly await the experience that emanates from the All Star Game that washes over our league like a cool breeze reflecting the superiority of our nation and our league and even our faith.

Yours sincerely in God, 

William Knickers