Red Bull New York To Create Pre-Season Tournament Trophy

Harrison, NJ - In light of the Gunslinger Armadillo trophy awarded during the Austin Aztex's Pro Challenge Tournament, Red Bull New York has decided to create a trophy and tournament for the 2016 season.

Red Bull will invite other corporate owned and sponsored teams including Red Bull Leipzig, FC Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Brasil, Red Bull Ghana, EC Red Bull Salzburg (Hockey), and Infiniti Red Bull Racing (Formula 1) to play in a 4 week, winner take all pre-season soccer, hockey and driving tournament where the winner is awarded a replica, full scale sculpture of the Toxic Avenger.

TNN spoke with Dieter Stuben, Red Bull's chief public relations liaison, in Austria about this trophy and he had the following to say, "Red Bull thought that there was no better illustration of Western New York City than the Toxic Avenger. As you know, the Avenger was a janitor in Tromaville New Jersey which I have been informed is just a few miles away from Harrison New York City, where we play."

The Toxic Avenger will be carrying an American flag with a disfigured soccer ball below his foot, will be 7 and a half feet tall and will be clothed in a way to avoid any color coordination with the New York/New Jersey Metrostars, a team that Red Bull aren't entirely sure ever really existed.

The tournament will be sponsored by Red Bull with all the proceeds going to Red Bull's Charity For Billionaires. Red Bull's Charity For Billionaires aims to help struggling billionaires that have fallen on hard times due to recent economic situations get back on their feet to find happiness and their missing billion in the bank ledger.