American Outlaws Leaders to Noah Davis, "Why Do You Hate America, Bro?"

Lincoln, NE - After the publication of Noah Davis' expose into the American Outlaws (which you can find here) the Lincoln, Nebraska headquartered US Supporters group released the following statement.

"Hey Noah-Dog,

Why do you hate America (the greatest country on the face of the planet), bro? Bro's don't rat on bros, bro. Like if I wanted to go over there to that dope chica and hit all up on that sweet punani, a true bro wouldn't cock-block me. Why you gotta cock-block us from loving all up on the greatest country on the face of the planet, the United States of America (the greatest country on the face of the planet). It is our right to make sure that all those immigrants know that when they come to the US, that they can only love the US. Look,  the fact that my grandpa came over from Denmark over 70 years ago clearly makes me feel far superior to the Mexican kid whose dad tried to come over to the USA (USA USA USA) 20 years ago.

So what if we encourage extreme, near comatose levels of drinkings from our membership before games. So what if no one knows where the money goes from their membership, scarves and travel packages. So what if we used to sing racist songs at Mexican fans before other fans called us out on the fact that they existed. So what that despite the fact that we have a "code of conduct" the way in which we set up our events will almost certainly make it probable that our red, white and blue covered fratboys will violate our code of conduct in every measurable fashion. Look it's our right to make bombastic jingoistic statements about this country.

And that story from that chic? Pfft, Whatever bro. Look, everyone knows that females don't know anything about soccer. That's why when we actually DO attend US Women's games we had members singing about which members of the US Women's team they wanted to bone. You know, for the love of our country, bro.

American Outlaws (greatest supporters group in the greatest nation on the planet) are still going strong. We are partnering not only with local chapters but we are starting a new initiative set into motion by a prospective member Tyler Goodbody from Norman, Oklahoma. We will be partnering with local fraternities to attempt to bring more of the Greek culture to our ranks. While a previous partnership  has now very recently (and unfortunately) fallen through, we can announce our partnership with AO Phi Lamda Chi at the University of Oklahoma and AO Sigma Phi Epsilon at the University of Nebraska.

We are also proud to announce AO SPRINGBREAK CANCUN 2016 with travel packages available for pre-order! GET YOUR DRINK ON. WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP. Meet 100's of beautiful betties and get your swerve on! Sponsored by Axe Body Spray and Slippery Pete's Strip Club of Cancun!

To end,

Be a bro, bro.


Fuck Yeah."

The Nutmeg News was unable to get comment from the University of Oklahoma regarding the partnership with Phi Lambda Chi.

Editor UPDATE:

The Nutmeg News was able to receive a response from AO Phoenix who recently posted a diatribe about the Davis story insinuating that the story was a communist plot.

The response by AO Phoenix was:

TNN will have more on this as it develops.