Cuban Cosmos Fans Get Ready For Visit

Havana, CU - Cuban fans of the New York Cosmos are prepared to welcome Pele and the New York Cosmos to Cuba as the island prepares for the Cosmos visit in June to play the Cuban national team.

"We are very ready to see the great masters of United States soccer at work", said Pedro Garces, Cuban Director Of Sport. "Our last club visitor was the Chicago Sting in 1978, and the Cosmos were at the pinnacle of United States soccer at that time. We are excited to welcome the biggest club team in the biggest league to Havana."

Unaware of the death of the NASL, the move to MLS and the retirement of all the NASL Legends Mr Garces soldiered on in his comments, "We are excited to see what the free market enterprise of North America has brought in terms of league stature and players. We are certain that it will be the best of what the United States and even the world has to offer. One can only imagine what has changed and improved in 37 years."

When told about the league structure of Major League Soccer, the demise of the NASL, and the Cosmos place in history Mr Garces said, "You haven't even gone communist with this new league, you have just gone crazy! But it would help me again if you could explain this Allocation money?"