A&E Beat: Sandler And Schneider Confirm Tigres Movie Rumor?

San Nicolas de los Garza, MX - Rumors of the long awaited buddy comedy "Pride Of The Tigres" based upon Tigres Futbol warmed up today as rabid Tigres fan and comedian extraordinaire, Rob Schneider, posed in a picture with buddy comedian Adam Sandler, seemingly confirming the long rumored picture.

TNN A&E Reporters were able to speak to an inside movie studio source on the matter.

“We couldn’t be happier about the upcoming flick with Schneider and Sandler! Though it is slated to come out in late 2016, the entire filmworld is abuzz about this project. The basic premise is that the movie is a bizarro world 'Pride Of The Yankees', except without any of the depressing Lou Gehrig's disease nonsense at the end. 

Rob Schneider is a simple American who is hit on the head while trying to shop at a Wal-Mart for branded Ford Products and well placed Coca-Cola products and he wakes up in the body of a Tigres Futbol player. Meanwhile, Schnieder’s buddy (played by Sandler) is in San Nicolas de los Garza on a business trip and he finds out that Schneider has been body transplanted, so they figure out a way to win the league with the smarts of two middle class guys from the USA and the talent of a kid from Mexico, while also finding hijinks and love.”

TNN: "Don't you feel that utilizing even the framework of Pride of the Yankees is inherently offensive for the millions of people with ALS as well as the memory of Lou Gehrig?"

MS: "Of course not, that's why we are eliminating the disease part of the movie and setting it in Mexico. No one wants to watch human suffering and pathos. They want boobs and explosions and laughs and dramatic scenes cut into slow motion that make us realize how close a team is to losing before they win in a funny way."

TNN: "All that aside, isn't the basic premise of the film relatively  stupid, far fetched, and extremely patronizing?"

MS: "Probably! But hell, we made Deuce Bigalow 2: European Gigolo and even that pile of shit made 22 million gross at the box office.”