Gamer Blocks Off Whole Day To Complain About FIFA 2020

Charleston, SC - Gamer Brad Lewis reportedly blocked off his whole Saturday in order to complain about FIFA 2020 as he plays and complains about the game for roughly 24 hours.


“I don’t know why we need another FIFA game with bugged mechanics and problematic playing modes,” stated Lewis as he warmed up for his upcoming complaining session by paying $89.99 for the Ultimate Edition on his XBox-One. “I’m just going to end up disappointed,” he stated as he started the download and left for work.

Friends say that despite the complaints of Lewis, the passionate gamer and somewhat soccer fan has purchased every edition of FIFA that has come out since FIFA 2012.

“God, it already just sounds terrible, I can’t wait to spend all day playing the game and ripping it to shreds before I continue playing it on Sunday,” stated Lewis to good friend Dave “XXXb0ng$n1c3n1ceXXX” Borassa. “I heard the whole thing is a complete shit show. I already bought 4 frozen pizzas and a case of Truly for tomorrow and I told everyone to not expect me to log into Discord until I was ready to endlessly complain about the game mechanisms, so roughly 12:01 AM.”

According to his own memory, Lewis spent the entirety of the past year playing and complaining about FIFA 2019 as he created career mode after career mode despite what appears to be his continual hatred for the game series.

“I put so many hours into the game that I can’t even count,” stated Lewis. “I fully played out the career of multiple created players, was general manager of Leeds United, took Atlanta United to MLS cup 5 years in a row on easy mode and complained the entire time. It was really awful and I can’t wait to spend the next 365 days doing the same thing.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Lewis preemptively schedules some tweets for tomorrow to indicate his disgust with the game while he waits for it to download on his console.