Seattle Sounders Supporter Celebrates Iron Front Decision By Telling Timbers Fan To Go Fuck Himself

Seattle, WA - Celebrating Sounders fan Gwen Williams celebrated the recent decision to rescind the Iron Front ban by finding a random Timbers fan on the street and telling him to go fuck himself.


“I’ve been holding this in SO LONG,” stated Williams to The Nutmeg News. “As soon as the news came In I ran down to the street and just started looking around for any of that stupid green color. Oh god, the release…. Oh my god.”

Friends state that Williams posted messages of support on Facebook and Twitter for the process which involve tacitly supporting the organizations of the ISC, the Timbers Army, the Emerald City Supporters, Gorilla FC, and all the supporters groups around the United States and Canada that stood up against the ban.

“I found myself helping our Minnesota United fans that I had previously been calling plastic shills,” stated Williams. “I found myself talking an Atlanta fan through deescalating issues with his fellow fans. Things were turned upside down. I’m just happy that I can get back to hating every single other fan that isn’t a Sounders fan and some that are.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams decides to celebrate again by calling DMing insults to her Timbers supporting friend Victor Cardenas.