Atlanta United Encourage Expelled Fans To Come Back, Join The Family, Unite Together And Bring Banners In Support Of Gun Violence

Atlanta, GA - Major League Soccer franchise Atlanta United reached out to fans they expelled for bringing, “signs against the US Government,” stating that they want them to come back, join the family, unite together, and bring some banners in support of gun violence which would then show their support of the US Government at the next home game.

“We deeply regret that Atlanta United fans had to learn this lesson, but you don’t go against the prevailing United States government,” stated S.A.F.E Management managing director Aaron Schmitt. “We were tasked by Atlanta United and Major League Soccer to remove any banners they deem political and we all know that being against racism, against fascism and against gun violence is the exact opposite of the current administration in the White House. Therefore, being against mass murder and being against cheap fear mongering racism is currently not allowed in the stands. We want Atlanta United fans to bring signs like “build a wall and keep out the Mexicans,’ and, ‘start gun violence,’ or, ‘ICE is nice,’ would be very appropriate.”

Major League Soccer refused to comment on the matter, but one insider stated that the league is against anti-racism and anti-gun violence banners as they view them as being political in nature.

“What’s a little racism and gun violence between friends,” stated one MLS insider. “We don’t want our fanbase speaking out, because if they say they are AGAINST racism then we absolutely need to make certain that we create a space for racist people to say and do racist things to our fans. We have to reach out to those racists and make certain they are welcome. It just makes for a long day. In the end, we want people supporting the government, singing the national anthem, carrying fully automatic guns with massively over-sized clips, signing up for the military, and not protesting gun violence.”

With some fans involved in protesting gun violence and racism getting one year bans for simply showing a sign or video taping S.A.F.E officials assaulting fans in the stands, supporters are now wary of what the future holds as they state, “All I did was video tape one of our security guards and now I’m banned for a year? Thanks Arthur Blank.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Atlanta United and MLS stick their head further and further and further into the sand.