Major League Soccer Announces Future Supporter Group Bans for Inter Miami Fans

ORLANDO - Major League Soccer (MLS) today announced future supporters group bans for Inter Miami fans after they used smoke devices, drums and flags during a rally at the MLS All-Star game.

“This hooliganism must stop,” stated Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber. “We have collected the names and identities of all the fans in question and they will be banned as soon as they have a functioning team with home games.”

According to sources, Major League Soccer and Inter Miami used the picture as a promotional tool while also using it to identify all the people in the photo for future in-stadium camera analysis as they worked towards more security theater for the burgeoning franchise.

“We are very proud of our fans,” stated Inter Miami director of promotions before being called away for five minutes to talk to someone from MLS and returning to our reporter to state, “This shame on the league must not be allowed to fester. We will be conducting an internal investigation into the state of these hooligan firms.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as MLS charges twice their normal rate for their fan conduct classes to get back the season tickets that fans haven’t even purchased yet.