"Plague Infected Prairie Dogs Are Not Even Worst Part Of The Colorado Rapids Season," States Supporter

Littleton, CO - Rapids supporter Doug Williams stated that, “the plague infect prairie dogs are not even the worst part of the Colorado Rapids season,” as he prepared for the Rapids slow assault on the Wooden Spoon.


“Oh sure, I was hoping to actually have some fireworks that might shed even a little joy on another season of shit, but honestly at this point I’m thinking of hanging out with the Prairie Dogs as an alternative to attending the game”

With the Rapids anchored to the bottom of the Western Conference, Williams indicated that there were at least 10 other things that made him angry other than a resurgence of the Black Death.

“20 points from 22 games. TWENTY. Good grief, you know what? Let’s start the Prairie Dogs and I’m betting we’d have more than 20 points.and 12 losses.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Williams spends most of the game saying, “at least we aren’t Cincinnati".”