Explosive Twitter Thread Now Just 200 "This Tweet Is Unavailable" Statements

INTERNET - An explosive Twitter thread on Video Assisted Referee (VAR) is reportedly, now, just 200 this tweet is unavailable statements as a spiraling number of dickheaded comments by locked accounts forced the original account to lock their account.



“I didn’t think it would come to this, but I’ve just had enough with the bullshit,” stated the originator of the thread @HAOforDayz. “Maybe I’m looking at this from a nostalgic point of view but I remember when you could have a discussion on Twitter about something without getting a bunch of replies by assholes and then locked accounts stirring things up with their own friends.”

Sources within the company indicate that Twitter was never like that as conflict was the single thing that created the growth the social media site experienced over the past 10 years.

“We’ve always been about people shitting on other people,” stated one anonymous Twitter employee. “That’s why you come to this site, to see someone pretending to own a congressperson or a player or that person you know and don’t like. Or maybe you get a celebrity responding terrible things to someone who persistently needles them about a passion project they have. It’s great, just great. Don’t pretend that you don’t love all of the bickering that causes you to slowly realize how much time you are wasting on this site. Have you followed enough people to make you hate the world yet?”

According to outsiders watching the thread, the original VAR twitter thread was very interesting before it completely vanished.

“I really thought they had some good points,” stated Twitter user @RickSteevesNuts “Then everything got turned off and I requested a follow and now I can’t see anything. Good thing I was online at 1:00 am to see that masterpiece. I only got 5 hours of sleep but it was worth it.”

With the original thread locked, the responsibility for spreading paraphrased versions of the Twitter thread fell to followers of the original account who haven’t decided to lock their own accounts yet.

“Yes, it was great,” stated @HeathBar2019 “I’m not going to screencap it, but it was great. Had some great points. You just had to read it.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as @HAOforDayz considers unlocking their account before looking online and wondering if maybe they would be better off just deleting everything and reading a book.