"If Only There Was Some Kind Of... You Know... National Women's League... For Soccer," States World Cup Fan

BOSTON - Every four year World Cup fan Samantha Hughes stated that she was really enjoying the World Cup this year and, “If only there was some kind of…. you know… national women’s league …. for soccer.”


“It’d be great if I could watch stuff like this all the time,” stated Hughes to her collection of friends. “I just enjoy the spectacle of the tournament.”

Hughes religiously watches the World Cup, both Men’s and Women’s, for the past four cycles and expressed interest in a local team that she could watch if only there was a league like that for women.

“It is just frustrating because I love the US Women and I only wish that I could watch the women playing other teams in some kind league structure,” stated Hughes on Facebook. “They could play as the US women versus other teams or maybe there could be a local team. The fact that there isn’t a league is an outrage. I would love if there was a Boston based team. Wasn’t there supposed to be a groundswell of support for a league back in 99?”

With other fans of the World Cup agreeing with her, Hughes spent the afternoon fantasizing about watching the US Women play teams locally before making plans to watch more World Cup games in the afternoon with her friends at a local bar.

“Well, some day we will be able to fight for a league of our own,” stated Hughes. “I just hope that I live long enough to have a team in Boston that I can root for.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this Hughes carries on with her day-to-day life and continues to support the USWNT like it is a club team.