Players Transition From Amateur To Professional Exhibited By Changing Twitter Handle

Colorado Springs, CO - Colorado Switchbacks player Efren Cousino stated that you could really see his transition from an amateur to professional soccer player by the changing of his Twitter handle as the second year player traded in @ButtzButtzButtz24 for the more professional looking @EfrenCousino12


“Yeah, it was time, man,” stated Cousino to The Nutmeg News on Thursday. “I had that account for the last two or three years, but man…yeah, I can’t keep that around anymore.”

Cousino indicated that his former account included such tweets as, “Drake is a no talent clown,” and, “Let that woman come to you k,” and, “BURGER KING, BRO,” and ,”CR7 clownin on fools,” most of which were erased before he was taken in the fourth round of the MLS draft in 2018.

“I guess I’m just a bit older and I don’t need that stuff coming back on me anymore,” stated Cousino as he surfed Instagram from a locked account. “I learned the hard way that everyone is going to be looking for something.”

For their part, Cousino’s fans indicate they miss his nuanced take on pizza toppings, late night comedy and the legacy of Lil Uzi Vert as they mourned the loss of @ButtzButtzButtz24

“It’s sad to watch the league force players to change their style,” stated former academy teammate Kyle Laughlin. “But I still get to talk to E regularly so I get my updates that way.”

Cousino indicated that he has no plans to bring back @ButtzButtzButtz24 but he stated that if you want to follow he has a curated and professionally run Facebook Athlete page where he is giving out training tips and early access to local soccer skills workshops.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as someone Cousino forgot was following him on his Instagram account screencaps pictures and comments from 4 years ago.