New York Based Soccer Fan Adds "Supports Ajax" To Twitter Bio

NEW YORK - Friends report that New York based soccer fan Nathaniel Westover recently edited his Twitter Bio to include the phrase, “Supports Ajax,” as the Dutch team scored in their Champions League game against Tottenham Hotspur.


“He says that he’s always loved Ajax,” stated good friend Dae-Kwon Kim. “I asked him to name two Ajax players and he said, ‘Donny van de Beek and I have to go use the restroom, hold on.’ I can’t wait for the answer when he comes back from the bathroom with his phone.”

Westover and Kim were watching the Champions League game between Ajax and Spurs at The Football Factory at Legends as Westover pulled out his phone and added the relevant information.

“Yeah, I’ve really always thought highly of … um… Total Footballl, so you can understand my affiliation for the Dutch game,” stated Westover. “I hope to visit Ajax in the future to catch a game, I’ve been planning it for the last few minutes.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Westover’s banner reads “Supports Ajax. Supports Manchester City. Supports Dortmund. Supports Barcelona. Supports Rayo Vallecano. Supports Madrid. #MiaSanMia”