Football Manager Releases New MLS Single Player Mode

Sega Entertainment announced a new expansion pack for their popular game Football Manager game that allows you to play as one player over the entirety of his career in Major League Soccer and beyond.


“Feel the anticipation on draft day as you are called in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft,” stated game designer Rick “SpazeMunky” Donaldson. “Imagine selecting the option to let your friends know that you made the provisional roster of the Colorado Rapids and then having to tell them that you are getting sent down the Richmond Kickers to play in the USL!”

MLS Single Player mode will allow fans to select, create and play as one player through an entire career in Major League Soccer, the United Soccer League, the NPSL and even possibly a few years barnstorming through the indoor leagues with the MASL at the end of your career.

“We offer fans the complete experience from draft day to the time you blow your ACL out against the Revolution on a field covered in temporary sod and that sends your player into a downward spiral of pain killer addiction that ends up with them playing for the Georgia Revolution in the NPSL. Eventually you can get your player back up to the USL where they finish out their career being a club legend for 2 years at Tulsa. It’s really a full experience,” stated Donaldson.

Game designers with Sega indicate that they will have an “existential fear” meter where your character will randomly start questioning the choices in their life weighed against their college degree. If your existential fear hits a high enough threshold your player may auto-retire during the middle of a campaign to sell life insurance in Albuquerque.

“We hope to cover the entire realm of possibilities from birth to playing one call up for the USMNT where you sprain your achilles during an unnecessary practice and return home to find out that your wife wants a divorce because you don’t spend enough time at home and fans are blaming you for accepting the call up because now you won’t be available for the next few weeks.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Sega includes an option to just retire at 24 years old and become a commentator for NBC on Premier League games.