NWSL Announces Plans To Think About The Possibility Of Doing Some Kind Of Promotion Thing During World Cup

CHICAGO - The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) announced, today, plans to think about the possibility of doing some kind of promotion thing during the upcoming 2019 World Cup.


“We are trying to figure out if we can pull off a think tank kinda thing from our current part-time creative staff,” stated director of soccer, marketing, social media, player health, franchise health, and promotions Heather Brandice. “It’s important for us to start thinking about thinking about the possibility of doing some promotion-like things in the future with a conceptual tie in to that other thing happening in a few days.”

According to insiders with the NWSL, the league is already planning on announcing the players from the league that will be playing in the World Cup and highlighting their successes during the tournament.

“This is going to be a brand new approach for any league,” stated Ms. Brandice. “We are going to highlight the players that we have and show their goals and results. This…. THIS will bring the fans to the stadiums and it requires absolutely zero cash outlay other than having to pay a social media person to aggregate this information.”

With the league venturing into this bold new territory, they still indicate there might be room for one more idea provided that they can first get a meeting together to discuss what direction they might consider going.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the planning committee to discuss the planning of the meeting discusses whether there’s any benefit to two planning meetings if the second planning meeting can somehow aggregate all the information necessary or if their should be an adjunct meeting to discuss meetings separately away from this meeting to discuss the planning of the future promotions.