Atlanta United Fan Panics As Team Equals Worst Start To Season In Team History

Atlanta, GA - Atlanta United fan Geoff Robertson was reportedly in a complete panic, on Wednesday, as Atlanta United equaled their worst ever start in team history by losing the first game of the season.


“I don’t know how we go forward from here,” stated Robertson to our reporter. “This isn’t just a freak out, ok? They only went and equaled THE WORST START TO THE SEASON, EVER.”

In the three year history of Atlanta United, the team started each of their seasons by losing the first game of the year before going on to have a successful season, make the playoffs and in 2019 they went on to win MLS cup. Despite this recent history, Mr. Robertson was still worried about what would happen in 2019 as he spun out of control.

“This is all the fault of TATA leaving us,” moaned Robertson on his Twitter handle @MattRyan1qbfan16. “This de Boer guy is clearly out of his level. He doesn’t have the experience. We are going to be lucky to make the playoffs at this rate.”

Robertson illustrated the predicament that Atlanta United find themselves in as he tweeted a graph that shows United are currently on pace to finish the season out of the playoffs with zero points and concede 68 goals on the year.

“This is setting itself up to be the worst season in the three season history of this team,” ranted Robertson to his Facebook page. “We never should’ve sold Almiron and let Tata go and we should’ve just bought more players and won it again.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Robertson attempts to crowdfund a “de Boer Out” banner to fly over the Mercedes Benz Stadium.