Team Insider Who Started As Outsider Still Pretending To Be Outsider

LOS ANGELES - LAFC writer Steven Anderson posted a clarification to his Twitter account @LAFC_UnofficialSource that he is still an outsider just like everyone else despite being employed by the team for the past year as an insider.


“I’m just a man writing about the team like everyone else,” stated Anderson who regularly receives updates from official channels as to the status of the team and advanced information on acquisitions. “I started as a fan of soccer, and I’m still a fan of soccer. The haters are just haters and I’m going to ignore them.”

Other LAFC fans recently called out Anderson for being a mouthpiece for the organization, however Anderson hit back stating that they were, “not true,” despite him actually being employed as a mouthpiece for the organization.

“This is just factually wrong, they don’t pay me to say certain things, I’m just a regular fan who gets paid by the team to write about the team on subjects that they pick, but I’m still an outsider.”

LAFC fan Robert Rivera stated that he doesn’t hate Anderson for his new gig, but that he noticed an uptick in the number of relentlessly positive pieces about the team regardless of any context or issue.

“Look, I’d be more accepting of this if he’d stop pretending to just be a fan,” stated Rivera to our reporter. “He’s paid by the team. He’s not an independent fan anymore., despite the way he pretends”

For his part, Anderson stated that he is like anyone else from his position as the co-commentator on an official LAFC podcast that will debut in the Spring.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Anderson writes about the culture of the supporters groups despite being the press-box for the past 2 years.