Supporter Hopes To Carve Out Space In Section For His Own Brand Of Sit Down, No Flag, No Singing, Non-Participatory Support

Portland, OR - Timbers fan David Hughes stated that he hoped to carve out space in the Timbers Army for his own brand of sit down, no flags, no singing, non-participatory form of soccer support as his time on the season ticket waitlist for Timbers Army tickets comes to a close.


"I have one of the early appointment times," stated Hughes to The Nutmeg News. "I'm guaranteed to get Timbers Army tickets this year and I plan on sculpting my experience in the Timbers Army to be the kind of soccer support I want to see on a regular basis."

Hughes indicated that he originally specified Timbers Army tickets because they were among the least expensive options in the stadium, but that his long term goal is to support how he wants to support without pressure or judgment from anyone around him.

"They say that if you want to be Timbers Army then you already are," stated Hughes. "So I want to be Timbers Army, but I also want to sit, not sing, not wave flags and not have my view blocked for the game. I don't want any capos or fans to harass me about my choices. This is my form of support and I don't want the view I paid good money to receive to be blocked because someone has an erudite two-pole for a player based on an old German synth album."

Friends state that Hughes is absolutely in the right as they just want the bullying to end over his views.

"He has just as much a right as anyone else in the stadium to dictate exactly how he supports," stated good friend Nancy Davis. "If he wants to support the boys by not participating and sitting, then he should be commended for his courage. I'm not a fan of all these bullies claiming that he has to participate. I don't understand why they think that you need to only do things their way. There should be a place in the Timbers Army for people who don't want to participate and just want to sit down, surf the internet for a bit, and not have their view blocked."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hughes claims he will not delete his twitter account in light of the targeted harassment he is getting for his views.