New England Revolution Ready To Play 10th Consecutive Must Win Game

Foxborough, MA - The New England revolution announced on Tuesday that they were ready to play their 10th consecutive, "must win," game on Wednesday evening against New York City Football Club (NYCFC).

Yes, what IS up with that?

Yes, what IS up with that?

"We are ready, we will prevail," stated Revolution head coach Brad Friedel for the 10th consecutive pre-game interview. "This is a must win game. It has to be. It is as much a must win game as the must win game against Portland, Philadelphia, D.C., Philadelphia again, Orlando, New York, Minnesota, the Galaxy, and Seattle. It is VERY must win."

Fans stated that they were ready for another must win as the epic edging from waiting for the culmination of all these must win games is leading to intoxicated and frustrated fans waiting for a release.

"THIS. IS. MUST. WIN. MADNESS," stated Cory Delbrook of Boston, Ma. "We must win the must win if we must win all our winnable must win games. This is so easy. We .... must....... MUST win."

Coach Friedel stated that if the Revolution fail to win this game against NYCFC that it will only highlight the must win nature of their upcoming game against Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC).

"This game is a must win, but the game against LAFC is also a must win. This is must win time. We must win. After all, we won't be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention until the final game of the season. It's all to play for!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Friedel prepares for a must win resume update.