Everyone In Supporters' Section Knows Karen's Relationship Is Going To Fail Except Her

Kansas City, KS - According to insider sources, everyone in The Cauldron section of Children's Mercy Park knows that Karen Henderson's relationship is going to fail except her.

"Did you hear what he SAID on Saturday?"

"Did you hear what he SAID on Saturday?"

"Yeah, it's not going to last," stated Pat Williams of Overland Park. "The guy she brought last week was checked out a few minutes into the game. It's not happening."

"Hoooooo boy, where do I start," stated Veronica Hazling of the River Market neighborhood. "Look, I don't know Karen at all, but I heard from her friend Dave's friend that he talked to her friend Yancey about how this guy is just not going to work out. There's no way. Plus, I heard he was on his phone during the game. Like, c'mon... this is not going to last."

The Nutmeg News reached out to Ms. Henderson for comment, but she stated that she was perfectly happy with her current relationship and gave a doomed vote of confidence to her current partner Stephen William Phillips.

However, the reviews coming in from even as far as the south stand general admission section was not good for the fortunes of her relationship.

"I hear that she was unhappy about him wanting to leave early," stated friend of mutual friends and woman who read text messages over her shoulder one time two games ago Linda Kotby. "I know they had a date night scheduled that she took to mean a game they were attending that he wasn't happy about."

Even people as far flung as section 126 admitted that Henderson appeared to be well on her way to being single again as Jasmine Hitchcok stated, "I read her twitter feed that she was, 'not having a great day,' the other day so I'm pretty certain they are going to break up soon."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Henderson eventually breaks up with Phillips after realizing that he only attends games because of her and not the love of the team.