American With German, Argentine, and Brazilian Heritage ALSO Once Had A Layover In Brussels

NEW YORK - Every four year soccer fan David Heinze stated that despite previously having indicated that he has German, Argentine, and Brazilian heritage that he recently remembered that one time after college where he had a layover in Brussles and watched a national team game in bar as his futile grasp towards a World Cup team enters its death rattle phase.

adidas-belgium-retro-jersey (4).jpg

"Yes, primarily my father's side of the Heinze family comes from Bavaria and my mother's family comes from Córdoba, Argentina, and yes my grandfather's second cousin's wife was from São Paulo, Brazil," stated Heinze to The Nutmeg News. "However, completely coincidentally and totally unrelated to the events of today I've always found myself rooting for Belgium after I really experienced the local football scene there in a train station."

Friends say that they find it suspicious that Heinze bothered to exclaim this new found loyalty as the second goal for Belgium went in against an Brazilian side that seemed outclassed on the day, but they accepted his Belgian waffle with measured patience as Heinze removed his pictures of Neymar and Pele and replaced it with a picture of Thibaut Courtois.

"Ok, just fuck off with all this shit," stated good friend Claudia Gonzalez as Heinze walked out of his bedroom wearing a never-worn Belgium top at half time.

"It's important for me to display my affiliations during this World Cup," stated Heinze as he completely ignored her statement. "I'm not just a German fan or an Argentine fan, or a Brazil fan, but I feel strongly connected to that moment 10 years ago where I was watching a game in Brussels. It was at a very pivotal part of my life as I just had discovered hopped beer and the football and it influenced me greatly."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Heinze investigates his family tree on to find out if he also has a distant French cousin, just in case.