Disappointed English Journalist Reshapes Headline After England Wins Game Late

Volgograd, Russia - Disappointed English journalist David Thornberry reshaped his castigating headline from Supreme English Disappointment to England Squeaks Through after a late headed goal by Harry Kane allowed the national team to collect three points.

" I dare say that I am QUITE put out by this."

" I dare say that I am QUITE put out by this."

"I'm still going to lay into them in the body of the column," stated Thornberry to columnists from the Guardian, the BBC and The Times who nodded sagaciously at his decision. 

Thornberry was, reportedly, ready to absolutely flagellate the entirety of the England squad as overpaid prima donnas without a lick of respect for the Empire after a close 1-1 draw with Tunisia.

However, after England pulled out a win late in the game, the journalist was left scrambling to find some other way to paint the team in the manner in which he believes they are.

"It's about time that these lads get taken down a peg due to this disappointing victory," stated Henry Heybottle-Whigs of Chesterfield. "I do hope that the papers savage these lads for this INCREDIBLE disappointment."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Thornberry realizes he only needs to change the headline because the rest of his column savaging the team can remain.