"Si! Soy Americano Y Yo Conocer Donde Telemundo Es Por Tres Semanas!"

Denver, CO - American soccer fan Dennis Smith admitted that he now knows where spanish language television station Telemundo is for the next three weeks as he sought refuge from the overbearing coverage on US propaganda station FOX.


"Si! Soy Americano y yo conocer donde Telemundo es por tres semanas," stated Smith proudly showing off his cobbled together Spanish language phrases that simultaneously indicate he somewhat payed attention in High School spanish and his commitment to watching World Cup games without listening to American pundits. "Yo necesito otra cereveza, por favor," stated Smith to his friend Roger at 8:30 am.

Smith reportedly gave up on FOX after finding out that they were going to do 400 hours of coverage talking about why the 2026 World Cup would be better than Russia and how sad it is that the US isn't at the World Cup given how bad all these other teams are that qualified.

"I just can't do it anymore. Another minute of having to listen to Alexi Lalas and Rob Stone is going to bury me. Another second of dealing with the FOX coverage is going to make me hate the world cup and all the people there. It's off to Telemundo! VIVA TELEMUNDO!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Smith is visited by a FOX executive at his work to ask why he isn't watching the games on their channel anymore.