Area Man Wonders Why Spain Didn't Use Lionel Messi

Omaha, NE - Attending a World Cup watch party, soccer fan Jeremy "Big Cat" Stevens wondered aloud why Spain didn't use Lionel Messi in their recent game against Portugal.


Stevens sat there wearing his Barcelona Messi kit and drinking maragritas as he enjoyed the festivities of the opening days of the 2018 World Cup with his friends.

"Seriously, they have the best player in the world and we don't get to see him play against Ronaldo? That's bullshit."

With Stevens fully enraged he took to twitter to see if there was a medical reason why Messi was left out of the 18 before he came back to order 4 more shots of tequila for, "my bros, Corden, Aiden, Talen and Billyn." 

As the game wound down, Stevens purportedly stated, "well their loss, I guess. I get to see him play with all his teammates on Barcelona all the time and I know how good he is."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as friend=-of-a-friend Elena Paulina tries to explain, without success, to an intoxicated Stevens that Messi plays for Argentina.