"Americans Won't Support Mexico," States Confident White Man

Lincoln, NE - Confident in the absolutely conviction of his belief, white man Tyler Richardson stated, "Americans won't support Mexico," after seeing the recent Sports Illustrated cover about the Mexican National Team in the world cup.


"Americans, as everyone knows, are white bros who like to get down and party," stated Richardson to The Nutmeg News. "And there's no way that one of my bros is gonna root for Mexico. NO. WAY, BRO."

According to recent statistics, the population of the United States is roughly 325.7 million and Richardson was confident that he spoke for all of them with his declaration.

"My bro Cody and my bro Zander stated that they wouldn't root for Mexico and my bros Andy and Josiah? Yeah they ain't gonna root for Mexico. We all pledged Sigma Nu back in 2013 so they have my back."

Despite 17% of the 325 million Americans being Hispanic or Latino, Richardson remained steadfast in his belief as he stated, "We all knew this guy from Argentina or some shit named Guillermo and there's no way he would support Mexico either. Guillermo the bro ain't gonna go for no Mexico and you can quote me on that." Even after being told that there are are an estimated 33.7 million Americans of Mexican descent in the United States, Richardson remained confident.

"That's all fake news, bro. Those Mexicans will root for America because they don't like their country. America IS THE BEST, BRO!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as we find out that Guillermo Calaveras is from Guatemala.