MLS Exploring FC Cincinnati Move To Detroit

Cincinnati, OH - After annnouncing that they accepted FC Cincinnati's bid to become an MLS team, Major League Soccer (MLS) also announced that they would explore moving the new side to Detroit.


"We aren't beholden to the Cincinnati brand," stated MLS Commissioner Don Garber. "We just wanted the infrastructure and the colors. The town and fans are unimportant, we will make that happen."

Sources with the league indicate that MLS is divesting any investment into Ohio stating that the league is, "Not interested in podunk cities with rubes who'll buy our stuff like Columbus or Cincinnati."

According to a released league memo, Cincinnati was immeidately short listed for the move after it was discovered that there aren't enough billionaires in the Ohio area to facilitate the spending habits of the league.

"They are terrified of ending up with another Columbus," stated one source. "So they are going to move them right off the bat. If Detroit doesn't work out, then they will move FC Cincinnati to Las Vegas."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as FC Cincinnati fans are blamed for the lackluster turnout to their MLS announcement.