Podcast Equipment Now Worth More Than Podcaster's Car

LOS ANGELES - After a recent purchase was made on a newly activated credit card, MLS podcaster Paul Brown admitted that his podcast equipment is now worth more than the 1989 Buick Lesabre that he drives every day for work.

Only 194,000 miles!

Only 194,000 miles!

“Yeah, the two Shure SM7B microphones that I just ordered are definitely worth more than my car not to mention the computer, the editing software and all the cabling/soundproofing in my apartment” stated Brown to The Nutmeg News.

Brown was spurred to make the giant leap forward in sound quality as he recently stated, “gotta spend money to make money,” before he clicked on the purchase button on his Amazon order that would put him in debt for the next 4 years.

“If I’m going to make it in this business of talking to fans about soccer then all of you, the listeners, need to be able to hear what I say,” stated Brown to his dozens of fans as he spoke on a special Patreon fund raising podcast detailing the upgrades to his equipment. “That’s why it’s important to support community radio …. like me. So please give … to me… because the interest rate on this is crazy.”

With the heavy investment into his hobby, Brown admitted that he was now locked into podcasting about soccer for the indefinite future, but he was bullish on his chances of making a career at the hobby as he stated, “Soccer is the sport of the future! They’ve been saying that for 50 years so it’s going to be right one of these years.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Brown tries to calculate how much he is going to need to replace the brake pads on his car versus how much he will need to spend on a baffle to improve his soundproofing.