Atlanta Man Dooms Atlanta United After He Forgets To Vote In Twitter Poll

Atlanta, GA - Atlanta United fan Todd Richardson actually forgot to vote for Atlanta United in the Major League Soccer (MLS) Twitter poll thus ensuring the local side will not win MLS Cup this year.


”I forgot, HONEST,” stated Richardson to The Nutmeg News. “I was voting for player of the game, Audi ball boy of the game, American Family Insurance policy of the game, play of the game, player of the game that was on the bench and fan of the game brought to you by Doritos.”

Richardson’s futile attempts to apologize were not accepted by his fellow fans as the slow realization that they are viewing the death of their season due to his inability to tweetvote washed over the 70,000 fans that were in attendance.

“GOD DAMMIT TODD,” stated Paula Harris who only learned about this one minute ago. “You screwed us! You screwed us all!”

Statisticians say that Richardson’s inadvertent gaffe will long resonate as it was clear that his Tweet metrics kept alive the hope in Atlanta for the past few months.

“Todd was very good at influencing the game results via his Twitter voting,” stated Paul Harris, director of stats and bratwurst at the University of Joliet. “It is unfortunate that due to his inability to remember to Tweet #VoteATLUTD that the team is now screwed, but here we are.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Richardson attempts to right his wrong by VotingTATA for whatever he can.